The Dirty Rat Records Bio

Sonny Wong started DIRTY RAT RECORDS in 1998 as a record label and a crew. The crew members included Franco, Kush, and Stir Fry Willie. These guys had already been making raps on 4-track recorders with jacked beats and crappy mics, the style was grimey, skills were unpolished, but everyone had a drive to get better. During the next few years Callous, GMG, D-Rize, Mr Ocean, Karina, and DJ Saursaus joined the team. Some rappers came, and some went. Joints were recorded, local shows were rocked, and the rhymes and production got better. Upgrades in equipment followed, and a common focus began.

In 2004, the crew set a date to drop their first album, THE PLAGUE. After a few months of hard work, the Rats got the proper funds and had the album pressed up.

In late 2004, FCK U (aka Franco Callous Kush / Unite) released their sophomore album " FCK U 2 / CAUGHT YOU SLEEPIN". The album rocked the underground and put the haters in their place. Not only did the album feature the Dirty Rats, but it also included other underground greats like DJ Thanksgiving Brown (Female Fun Records), Z-Man (Heiro), and production from GMG, Sonny Wong, Equalibrum, and Bira

Stir Fry Willie dropped his first solo album "PISS IN THE CRISPER" in 2004. This album proved to the world that Stir Fry willie is not only a crazy bastard, but a talented one at that, featuring local underground latin hip hoppers, L.O.S., punk rock kings The DTs, and all kinds of loco skits and funky rhymes.

The Rats continued to play shows in 2005 with the same intensity and energy they had become known for. However, this time they took their infectious style overseas. Stir Fry, Franco, Kush and Callous went to Japan where they toured for a month, moved a lot of units and signed a whole bunch of autographs. With new Dirty Rat merch to slang, the crew began to gain an international following. Dirty Rat Records capped off 2005 with the release of it's latest album to date, "Kush and Wong: Mic Eugenics." This LP showcased the raw talent of two of the first Rats and stepped it up with the cleanest sound yet to come from the independent label. Featuring most of the group and the return of DJ Thanksgiving Brown, the album showed just how far the crew had come in terms of beats, overall production and, as always, rappin'.

In 2006, the Dirty Rats were busier than ever. Performing shows with hip hop artists such as KRS-ONE and Cypress Hill, as well as numerous well-known underground rappers, the Dirty Rats increased their fan base and gained exposure. Work was completed on the crew album titled "SPITSHINE." It was the quintessential Dirty Rat album featuring all the members of the crew and the dopest GMG beats and production yet. Filming began for a documentary about rural hip hop featuring the Dirty Rats, and after a year full of shows and studio time, 2007 arrived.

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